Our relationship began in 2014, after observing that the engines of our customers using GRO had less loss of power with the passage of the miles and wear of the parts was a lot less, than the same engines with other oils.Since that time, we have got in touch with GRO to see how we could begin a partnership that would be beneficial for all.

Today we continue testing and developing new products that offer more benefits and protection for engines to prepare.
Do not doubt, that if you are looking for the best oil for your engine, GRO is the trusted brand.

Reference company with in high trajectory in the manufacture of exhaust systems for road and racing applications.

Specialized company in motorcycle racing composites.

Leading company in quikshifter systems for motorcycles.

All our machining prototypes are entrusted to Talleres Barfla, our close collaboration helps us develop our preparations with precision and speed.

Hardware and software engineering in test and testing bench.

We have 360º solutions for motorcycles. Do you want more information? We will be happy to help you!

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