Thanks to the close relationship with SPORTDEVICES TEST BENCH, we have 2 dynamometers with data acquisition to see accurate power and torque of your motorcycle or engine.


Test bench with brake controlled electronically and largely endowed, that simulates the load having the bike on track, monitoring various parameters such as RPM, TPS, lambda values, oil temperature, etc., so that is much more accurate reading of the power of your bike.


Test bench exclusively for engines, where we can develop your preparation quickly and very precise, is the measurement of power which comes directly from the secondary axis of motor, not having lost any power by tire friction or chain, etc.

Alike, this test bench has various sensors to monitor the operation of the engine, as in every moment:

  • Sensors RPM
  • Throttle position
  • 4 lambda probes and 4 exhaust temperatures
  • Oil pressure
  • Oil temperature and engine air inlet temperature, etc…

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