Nowadays motorcycles are set with anti-pollution from the factory per the current norms and to have very reasonable consumption. As well as for the configuration of your bike, (exhaust motor, air filter etc.…). At the time that we change or modify any of these components what happens is that we destroy the good performance of the whole, not considering why the expected result, (lack of power, gaps in the driving, unstable idle, etc.). This happens because the mapping of the ECU is not adjusted for the modification made. At Davol Tecnologic we have all the necessary tools to be able to adjust and modify your ECU, so if it is on your bike to go by road as if it’s your bike for circuit or competition.  Being able to modify your ECU of series with a mapping specific that they adapt to your needs and implemented in many of these controls such as the semi-automatic change “quick shifter”, launch control, pit limiter, etc…, without having to change ECU or electrical installation.


We also have the possibility of converting your ECU of series in a KIT ECU, for cases in which you need to regularly adjust ECU parameters.


For the “MAPPING” of your motorcycle we connect all that is necessary, like RPM, TPS and Lambda probe sensors, and point-by-point we make the necessary corrections and to thus obtain a full mapping, with these readings in our test bench we not only win at maximum power we also have a response fuller any throttle position and any RPM of the engine.

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