Due to the great experience over the years with a wide range of engines, Davol Tecnologic can perform the preparation that best fits the needs of each customer based on the regulation and budget, looking to invest in more effective areas.

To carry out the best possible job we are based on our own knowledge and data, so we have the latest technology of measurement and analysis of components such as: camshafts, valve springs, flow bench, hardness tester, etc.

Then here is explained the different services that we developed for you:


As well as the possibility of changing or modifying elements of the engine in some Championships, there are other Championships in which no modification of parts or pipes is permitted and where most of the pieces must be original.Due to this regulation, we would work on valve seats, distribution of the camshaft and setting all the internal moving parts to give more power to the motor and more reliability, without leaving the regulation.


Preparation RACE is an optimization at the highest level, where we will modify the intake and exhaust ports according to the results from the flow bench also we would modify or change the camshafts in addition to setting all the internal moving parts to have a large increase in the power of the engine.


Is that is going to give the most power we can get from the size of the engine on which we are working. The cylinder head will be completely modified and checked, we will change camshafts, valves, valve springs, pistons, piston rings, connecting rods, etc., as well as an internal adjustment of the moving parts, and can treat superficially and heat-treated parts for more power and less wear of these parts.


When an engine, whatever the preparation, reaches its limit of mileage or you would like to review and refresh it, we can remove and verify all parts of your engine, to change those parts that are worn out and reassemble the motor, checking the settings and tolerances to be perfect, resulting in a new engine

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